Thursday, March 6, 2008

About the blog name...

Not long ago we were approached to do a rewrite on a film being shot in London...the studio execs, based in LA, were apparently frustrated by the work they were getting out of some of the "non Hollywood" writers. Our agent sent them a sample of our work and since our style was close to what they were looking for in their project, they wanted to hire us. The story got back to us that after the exec read our sample script, he called the producers in London and shouted..."I want to hire these guys...I want to use "Professional American Screenwriters"! Ha! We've been called a lot of things in this business, at times we may be professional, and yes we are Americans who get paid to write screenplays...but rarely, if ever, do those words all collect together as a description of who we are. Come on, look at our names, Bob & Rob, nothing flashy there. But, there was something sexy about being referred to in such a grown-up, almost regal manner...and we are ex-performers so we do enjoy the accolades, (Bob more than Rob) and it does kind of roll off the tongue. So, somewhat reluctantly, we have accepted the unofficial title...Bob & Rob Professional American Writers! Or, if you prefer - "Just A Couple Of Hacks Who Sit In A Room And Argue A Lot!"

What we thought we'd do with this blog would be to post some of our most bizarre and ridiculous screenwriting stories. Our short film "Hiding in Walls" was so well received, we thought we'd continue with the same basic theme of "you won't believe what happened to us today". Welcome to our strange little world of being Hollywood Screenwriters...the Professional, American version.

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