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A weekly look back at the heralded careers of former thespians, Actor Bob & Actor Rob.

This week: Actor Bob's First Big Break!

The A-Team: Episode - "Recipe for Heavy Bread"

In a riveting, acting tour de force, Bob played a "Parking Attendant" Opposite "Mr. T",(B.A. Baracus).

The scene opens as Bob, approaches "Mr. T", who pulls the van up to the curb. While the rest of the "A Team" exit the van, Bob tries to get into the drivers seat...

Parking Attendant: Good afternoon, sir, may I...
B.A. Baracus: May you what, sucker?
Parking Attendant: Eh, may I park your vehicle?
B.A. Baracus: Are you crazy? Nobody drives my van but me. Get outta here!

As Mr T peels-out, Bob joins George Peppard and the rest of the gang. After some witty banter, Mr. T marches up the sidewalk towards Bob...he points his finger in to Bob's terrified face...after some more verbal threats about touching the van, Bob watches Mr T and the "A Team" walk into the restaurant. The camera stays on Bob's confused, slightly conflicted gaze...over-acting, maybe...but, Bob later recounted that he felt every emotion honestly.

So, this was Bob's introduction into prime time network television...sure, he milked his part a little, and maybe he hung around the set a little too long after he was released for the day...but, he did get his own Star Wagon, made "Mr. T" laugh, (by throwing a mock punch at him )and thanks to a confused, slightly star struck ten year old boy, was asked for an autograph...the first of Bob's career...a much bigger moment for Bob than for the young boy.

Bob thanked the kid so vociferously that the mother had to whisk the boy away, as she must have perceived danger. Just when Bob thought the gig couldn't have gone any better...a week later he got called-in for a "looping"session! None of the other regular cast members were at the recording studio that day. But, Bob did meet another "Guest Star" from the episode...Mako, a well known Asian character actor. They shared a couple of laughs and Bob even gave Mako a quarter so he could feed the parking, showbiz is so sweet!

A few months later on a jogging path in Beverly Hills, Bob spotted Mr. T on the same path. Great fortune, thought Bob..."I'll go say hey"...but, as Bob approached Mr T, who was doing push-ups, he was stopped by three large body guards..."but, I know "T" we worked together"! As they hurried Bob along, he shouted out to "T"...hey remember I'm the guy who pretended to punch you, ha, ha, ha..." He never looked up...Bob was a hundred yards away before he realized he had been literally carried away, feet dangling like an idiot...yeah, sweet.

Next week "Actor Bob",finds Bob himself in a scene with a young, unknown...George Clooney! While "Actor Rob" takes a gig as singing telegram guy, "Mr. Wonderful", only to discover that a street gang downtown, doesn't think he's so "wonderful"!


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