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Sony Animation Project

This is a picture of Bob, Rob and Director Stephan Franck right before a story pitch to the studio heads. We just by chance all wore black's a look we're going to keep for all pitches as it went quite well! We should mention this is an unannounced project that is very cutting edge and cool. As soon as Sony makes it official, so will we.

"Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue"

This trailer is just the tip-of-the-iceberg of what this film has become! We're really looking forward to having it released this time next year! We knew when Award winning actor, Michael Sheen ('Frost/Nixon' and 'The Queen'), joined the already all-star cast, this would be a special project. Thanks to John Lasseter, Andrew Millstein, Brad Raymond and all of the incredibly talented people at Disney...and of course Pixar! Release date, Fall 2010!

We've just begun work on an amazingly cool project for Sony.

Sony Pictures Animation is really making a name for themselves and we're thrilled to be a small part of it. We'll let Sony take the lead in releasing info on this film:)

Script to Screen...sometimes we actually have fun!

Having just about finished our work here at the Walt Disney Company, we wanted to say what a great experience it has been. Getting a chance to work side-by-side with John Lasseter and his amazingly talented group up at Pixar, was quite cool. The experience of working with our old friend Disney's Andrew Millstein and his crew, was really great. We go away feeling we've been part of a very special film.

On this project we were lucky enough to work with people we liked, while at the same time being on the same page creatively.

When we were leaving, a legendary Disney/Pixar animator sent us off with this very nice note... "As a writing team, you guys (Bob & Rob) are uniquely dedicated and collaborative".

Thanks, but that seems like the easy part for us, especially on a project like this!

Bob & Rob


The "new" Darin enjoyed hittin' the bottle...Ba da ding!

For the kids out there, (who visit this blog by the...millions, ya, millions I tell ya), you're just gonna have to Google these characters.

New writing gig..."Tinker Bell 3"

This is a very special character that has a lot of history and expectations to uphold. We're having a blast already.

"Hey Mike"

"Hey Mike" is an award winning short film that grew out of a comedy sketch, which was developed and performed live at The Groundlings and Second City LA. Shot in the early '90's, the bit still seems to hold up least we think so. Note: Bob, who plays the lead in the bit, went by the "stage name" of Bob Destri, back then...he's not sure why.