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"Hey Mike"

"Hey Mike" is an award winning short film that grew out of a comedy sketch, which was developed and performed live at The Groundlings and Second City LA. Shot in the early '90's, the bit still seems to hold up least we think so. Note: Bob, who plays the lead in the bit, went by the "stage name" of Bob Destri, back then...he's not sure why.


Lisa Lynch said…
Finding this made me happier than I can say. My friend and I saw this short years ago, and we still reference is relentlessly. It is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Thank you, sir for this creating this very fine film!
Hey Lisa…Hey Lisa…Hey Lisa…! Ha. Hi, thanks so much for thee nice words. This little short film based on a character I created at the Groundlings and later preformed at Second City La, has really held up! I know so many people, even big name celebs who love this silly bit. Here's a link to the original sketch at Second City! PS-Sorry for the late reply we're working on a new site and forget to check back here. Okay, I'll see ya later Lisa! ;) Bob Hilgenberg

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