Monday, October 12, 2009

Script to Screen...sometimes we actually have fun!

Having just about finished our work here at the Walt Disney Company, we wanted to say what a great experience it has been. Getting a chance to work side-by-side with John Lasseter and his amazingly talented group up at Pixar, was quite cool. The experience of working with our old friend Disney's Andrew Millstein and his crew, was really great. We go away feeling we've been part of a very special film.

On this project we were lucky enough to work with people we liked, while at the same time being on the same page creatively.

When we were leaving, a legendary Disney/Pixar animator sent us off with this very nice note... "As a writing team, you guys (Bob & Rob) are uniquely dedicated and collaborative".

Thanks, but that seems like the easy part for us, especially on a project like this!

Bob & Rob


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