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Glee's Jane Lynch and ABC's Man Up! Christopher Moynihan in "Scribes"

You'll see in this "sizzle reel" that actress Jane Lynch ('The 40 Year Old Virgin', 'Glee') plays the part of a studio head that we actually pitched and sold a film to. Everyone has their guesses as to who the character is based on...(in the real meeting, Diane Keaton was in the pitch with us, as she was attached as actress and producer). The dialog in the short film "Hiding In Walls", which "Scribes" is based on, was almost verbatim!

When we sold the pitch, we were baffled by what the studio head had liked, as he/she hadn't really understood the story we were telling AND had odd interpretations about the whole idea. As we stood outside in the parking lot, Diane lamented, "I don't know what they just bought...I'm just glad I don't have to write it!" As it turned out nobody did and the project crashed and burned just about the time the studio chief was fired. Look for our buddy Machete star DANNY TREJO …